About Me

I am an eclectic Pagan priestess living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. I mainly hang out with Dionysus and Persephone, but I’m on good terms with, and have a deep appreciation for, other pantheons and traditions. I love Story, in all its forms, and I believe that the stories we hear and tell have the power to open new avenues of thought, clarify desires and needs, and help us see deep and sometimes difficult truths about ourselves. This belief about Story informs my practice as both a ritual facilitator and a divinatory advisor.

My path to paganism came by way of progressive Christianity – I like to joke that C. S. Lewis would twist in his grave if he knew that The Last Battle provided my jumping-off point for believing that there’s more than One Right Way to perceive and name Deity. Although I identify as pagan, I do still honor the ways I grew up seeing and knowing Deity – as Christ, then later as Magdalene, too.

Group ritual work and facilitation has been a large part of my practice for about nine years now, and it continues to be the heart and soul of what I feel I have to offer as clergy. Even before I began identifying as pagan, I had a deep interest in liturgy and creating ritual (though I didn’t call it that), in being able to facilitate and provide ritual space for others.

In addition to leading ritual, I have over ten years of experience reading Tarot for myself and others. For me, the Tarot is an accessible, intuitive way to tap into the Big Stories – the Stories that are present in all of our lives – and use them to explore and illuminate that which seems unclear.

In addition to pursuing my calling as clergy, I also enjoy: good science-fiction and fantasy, singing in the shower, myths and folktales, dancing with abandon, and long conversations over tea.


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