Honoring Our Beloved Dead

I can taste the richness of the dark season coating my tongue

Juicy and alluring

pulling me in and down, down, down

spreading my roots deep

Soaking up the salty nectar

that flows through the sacred rivers of blood and tears

sending my spirit down down down

synchronizing my pulse

with those who came before me

parting the veil

Samhain is the time of year when, astrologically speaking, the veil that separates the realm of the living and the realm of the spirits is thinnest.  The sun enters 15 degrees of Scorpio, associating it with the energy of death, endings, rebirth, and transformation.  It is also the last of the three traditional harvest holidays, when ancient cultures slaughtered the animals to provide sustenance for the cold winter months ahead.

During this time of year many folks experience an increase in their awareness of psychic phenomenon.  For instance, this past weekend I heard a loud off key piano chord resonate through the house (we have no piano, no neighbors, nor had the TV or music on).  Additionally, Bonnie, my beloved cat of 17 years who passed when I was 19, often tucks me into bed at night.  During this time of the year, her purr is particularly loud, and I can feel the pitter patter of her feet especially firmly.  It feels both comforting and a touch spooky to know she is so close.

Given the astrological significance of this season, it makes sense that cultures throughout the world have established traditions surrounding this time of year that honor their beloved dead.  I have created a family ancestor altar to do just this.  This altar contains photos of my grandparents and my husband’s grandparents, heirloom jewelry given to me from them, statues to honor my darkness Goddesses, sparkle for the fae, a dark mirror for scrying, images to honor my totem animal the Raven, and a miniature stuffed dog to remember my husband’s childhood pets.

My ancestor altar is set up permanently in my home, so that they are honored all year long.  Periodically, I sit at our family ancestor altar in silence, sitting in gratitude and communion with their energy.  This year I crafted a letter to honor their role in protecting our home and placed it on our altar.

Dearest Ancestors, Guides, Allies, Beloved Dead, and Furry Companions,

We honor and deeply appreciate our loving memories and connections together.  We wish you peace, healing, and renewal in the between realms.  We are deeply grateful for the guidance and protection you provide this family and land.  May only the energy of love be present in our lives and home.

With reverence,

Opal and Family

How do you honor this season of darkness?  How do you connect to your ancestors?


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