Friday Check-In (Chicken) and Helloooo, Halloween-Time!

Hello, Friday! Wow, this week has been a wild ride that Mr. Toad would be proud of. A lot of hard, a lot of good – and we’re teetering on the edge of the Time of the year when we start thinking about/celebrating Death and the Dead. Opal and I have both been in dialogue with our practices around these things lately, so expect more on that in the next few days.

But for now, we’re going to Check-In (Chicken).

Onward to chickening….

What worked this week…

  • Dancing! Dancing under pretty lights and to pounding music!
  • Lots of weekend downtime before a week of doing-all-the-things.
  • Breathing and sticking with the pain.
  • Sticking to the facts and avoiding speculation and interpretation of others’ Stuff (Ok, mostly. This one was a partial success. But I’m proud of myself for remembering and being aware of it.).
  • Praying.

Next time, I might…

  • Start my paper earlier. Didn’t I mention this before? Oops. Um. Turning and re-turning. Starting again.
  • Take more time to get myself aligned and centered before having difficult conversations. Getting overwhelmed with feelings doesn’t help me communicate clearly. The facade of calm is not the same thing as a tranquil mind.
  • Remember to take more time for my practice – set aside time for making offerings and devotion.

The hard…

  • Too little sleep early in the week.
  • Hormones. They make hard things harder.
  • Communication. People acting in good faith can still hurt each other deeply.
  • Coping with a disorganized instructor. Clear deadlines and well-planned lectures would be useful.

The good…

  • Going out dancing on a school night. Ok, so this contributed to the too little sleep. But it was still worthwhile.
  • Articulating issues.
  • Kale-bean-potato soup. Y’all, it was divine.
  • New haircut. This is a big change, for me, but it feels good.
  • Visit to one of the local Hindu temples for class.

How was your week? What worked or didn’t?


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