Friday Check-In (Chicken): Turning and Re-Turning

Hello, Friday! It’s good to see you again. I missed the Check-In (Chicken) last week, so I’m going to practice breathing and re-turning to this practice.

Breathing and turning – and re-turning.

  • Breathing, and turning again to this practice of checking in (chickening) on my week.
  • Breathing, and turning again to see brilliant colors emerging in the leaves.
  • Breathing, and turning my attention inward and downward, following the trail of the leaves, of the sap, of the energy.
  • Breathing, and turning toward my roots, towards the past.
  • Breathing, and turning, turning, shall be my delight, till by turning, turning I come ’round right.

Onward to chickening….

What worked this week…

  • Getting lots of people-time. I’m pretty solidly an extrovert, and I wilt without people-time.
  • Asking questions, asking for clarity, and asking for what I needed.
  • Breathing, and remembering compassion – with myself and with others.
  • Writing! Writing to strategize. Writing with an actual pen-and-paper.
  • Going boldly – speaking up, being assertive.
  • Warm drinks and reading on the couch.

Next time, I might…

  • Continue working to find the place from which I can speak with compassion, firmness and also objectivity.
  • As a couple more questions, earlier.
  • Be more proactive about communicating with all the parties involved in a planning process.
  • Remember to make time for dancing. A weekend without dancing is kind of a tragedy, in my world.

The hard…

  • Mornings. They continue to be really, really hard.
  • Contacts! ::blinkblink:: Contacts for astigmatism are strange.
  • Watching someone being all tied up in their own privilege and other people’s Stuff. Knowing that there’s only so much I can do to foster understanding.
  •  Realizing someone was left out of the loop on planning. Ooops! Yikes!
  • Having my massage canceled last night.

The good…

  • Soup with apples and potatoes and cheese. No, really. It sounds weird, but it was amazing.
  • Planning a year’s worth of workshops for the Circle Opal and I help lead. YES.
  • Seeing Opal’s visions for where we can go and how we can grow – this is a kinda scary good, but a good thing nonetheless!
  • Written revelations!
  • Beginning the unit on art in Hindu traditions in the class I’m taking. Seeing Shiva Nataraja fills me with happiness, each time.
  • Visits with friends! Unexpected tacos make everything so much better.
  • Discovering a new band! All the squee! (Ok, the band is not new. But it’s new to me, because I’m slow on the uptake.)

How was your week? What worked or didn’t?


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