Friday Check-In (Chicken) and Making Introductions

The idea of a Friday Check-In (Chicken) is something I picked up from Havi, of the Fluent Self. She describes it as:

Where I cover the good and the hard in my week, visiting the non-preachy side of ritual and self-reflection.

By the way, everyone, meet Havi. She doesn’t know me, but she’s one of my favorite people on the whole, wide Internet. Largely because she has these wonderful, kind, useful, smart ideas – like a Friday Check-In (Chicken) to recap what worked and what didn’t! Or ideas about talking to your monsters (What? You don’t have monsters? I’ll bet you do. They’re just clever about disguise.). Or dissolving the Stuck. Anyway, she’s one of my favorites, and I like sharing the things that have helped me, because they might just help you too!

What worked this week…

  • Talking to people at PPD! That worked so very well! It was exciting!
  • Remembering to ground, center, and be a tree.
  • Talking hard situations over with good friends and getting perspective.
  • Taking time to rest and Do Less  – because recovery is important!

Next time, I might…

  • Not leave the canopy up overnight, when it’s supposed to rain. Argh.
  • Take even more time to stretch my shoulders out after dance class.
  • Make a point of going to bed earlier than usual after a full weekend.

The hard…

  • Miscommunication. And trying to resolve it.
  • Separating other people’s Stuff from my own. Things get tangled, you know?
  • Guilt. It distorts so many things – it can be hard to tell what’s real and what’s my monsters talking.
  • Feeling short on sleep after a wonderful weekend.
  • Angry shoulders being very angry.

The good…

  • Support and encouragement from old friends and new!
  • Giving good and useful readings!
  • Making new connections!
  • Spending time in a new book.
  • Knowing that all is taken care of for The Event on Saturday.
  • Shoulder rubs from my wonderful partner.
  • Eating squash! And enjoying it! Because it was pureed into oblivion with apples, curry powder, cinnamon, and coconut milk. Apple pie soup, basically.

How was your week? What worked or didn’t?


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