What’s in a Name: Opal

About my name: Opal Jacobs

Choosing a magickal name is a powerful decision, and one that is not always understood by mainstream culture.  A magickal name is not a “fake” name or something to go by because one is “hiding.”  Rather, it a way of honoring yourself deeply and consciously choosing to bless yourself with certain attributes.

The name Opal originally crossed my path in high school.  I was riding to soccer practice with the first girl I ever had a crush on.  During this particular car ride, we were tossing around ideas for what we would name our future daughters.  I liked the name Eve, who was in my mind the real heroine of the story of the Garden of Eden.  She liked the name Opal.  My daughter’s name is neither Eve nor Opal; however, the name Opal immediately resonated with me.

That weekend we went hiking together.  The woods twinkled with magick.  I knew it was the right time to commit to my path.  Floating on my back down the Eno River, my long tendrils of wavy hair trailing, I gazed up at the thin crescent moon.  There I dedicated myself to the Goddess, to honoring her immanent presence in this world, and to experiencing her blessings through ecstatic worship.  To me, the Goddess is creation- she is our flesh- she is this world.  I blessed myself with the magickal name Opal.

Shortly after dedicating to my path, I crafted my first Book of Shadows.  On the inside cover, I inscribed the attributes of opal.  Another name for the opal is singing fire.  It is a stone of inspiration and creativity.  One of the primary characteristics of opals is their ability to intensify and draw out hidden emotions and desires.  It is a stone made up of up to 20% of its weight in water, making it a powerful healer’s stone.  The silica spheres embedded in the stone give it its iridescent shimmer- the meeting of flames and waves.  The combination of fire and water is the union of emotions and passion, of healing and action. By diving deep within and allowing our hidden feelings and desires to emerge, we are gifted with the power of transformation.

I am drawn particularly to the blazing beauty of the fire opal.  Its metaphysical characteristics are said to support oneself through emotional turmoil and facilitate letting go of the past.  It is said to be especially supportive during times of change, bringing hope and peace to the wearer.  It also arouses the sexual organs and is a wonderful stone for energizing the body and spirit.  It is specifically used to prevent burnout.  Being a new mom who has recently undertaken the challenge of returning to the workplace, these are characteristics I desperately need and cherish.locket



To consciously bring the medicine of the fire opal into my life, I have decided it is time for me to wear opal close to my heart.  My grandmother, whose last name was Jacobs, gave me a fire opal when I was a child.  I have it on my ancestor altar as a way to honor our connection.  I wear a special locket each day at work to remind me of my connection to my daughter.  Inside the locket is a piece of the placenta we shared, lovingly encapsulated.  It is time to add the fire opal to my locket, copal 1onnecting our family’s past, present, and future.  Opals are said to intensify the action of karma.  Wearing my opal will serve to allow myself to receive the blessings in my life that I give to the world through my work.

The photos displayed on this page are of my locket and the fire opal my grandmother Jacobs gave to me.  I have recently chosen to take the magickal last name of Jacobs in her honor and loving memory.

Do you have a magickal name?  If so what gifts does your name provide?  What’s your story?



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