Taking Care of My Needs: When readers need readings.

One of my mentors likes to remind me frequently that “Clergy need clergy.” To generalize this, folks who provide services often need the very services they provide from someone else. Doctors often need to see other doctors; massage therapists need massages; day-care workers need childcare…etc. And Tarot readers sometimes need readings from other people. Some folks I’ve known will say that you should never read for yourself because all you’ll see in the reading will be what you want to happen- or, alternately, what you fear will happen. This is very valid – we’re often too close to our own lives to regard them objectively, to see all the possibilities open to us.

That said, I do read for myself – usually in circumstances where exploring what I want/fear would be useful. So, I do yearly month-by-month readings on my birthday. When I was in school, I’d do a reading at the beginning of the semester, just to get a feel for what I could expect. However, when the matter at hand is less My Life in General, and more of a pressing issue – like relationships, career changes, and spiritual matters – I go to someone I trust. I know that I can’t see these things clearly – I need another pair of eyes, another view from someone who cares about me, but is far enough from the situation to see what the cards are really saying, not just what I want to impose on them.

So, even if you’re familiar with Tarot, even if you have your own deck (or decks!), even if you read for all your friends, don’t be surprised if you find that a reading by someone else is more effective for those issues that are the closest and most pressing in your life.


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